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Movement Towards Visa-Free Regime with EU Is Slow, Medvedev Said

2019-04-26 (23:03)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he’s frustrated with the slow pace ...


Port of Antwerp Experiences Slight Decline in Freight Volumes

2019-04-28 (22:59)

The port of Antwerp handled 138,905,003 tonnes of freight during the first nine months...


Container Cargo Turnover at Latvian Ports Increased by 23.8% in January-September

2019-03-26 (23:28)

Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


Your loads are always under control.

Sometimes the perfect impression from the executor's work can be spoilt by a single small mistake. Initial and ending freight flows are formed and dispatched at the station areas. Irresponsible approach to such a small part of the logistics pprocess can trigger many disappointments. Station infrastructure is the valve that can easily close the successful partnership. The terminals of the same station have different specialisations, ways of management, have their own advantages and disadvantages. It can sound strange, but there are terminals that are closed for a primary interaction with clients and the terminals which process loads only after receiving of special orders. All the pecularities of an interaction with a station infrastructure should be thoroughly controlled. Sometimes you can avoid big expenses only by choosing the right station. It follows from all that is written above that an experienced and skillful forwarder never neglects the station functioning data.

Station unloading and uploading is carried out in accordance with the plans made by the corresponding departments. Wagon arrival can be delayed what triggers the extra demurrage of transit transport. We pay a lot of attention to the strict execution of our clients' plans therefore our aim is to build up an easy and highly reliable scheme of receiving and removal of loads.

RJD (Russian railroad operator) net is very different in its geography and the level of services at stations. Maybe in the next decade the challenging idea about the unification of station services will be turned to reality. Maybe th level of burocracy will decrease, management structure will become much clearer and more convenient for both receivers and senders. Now our main aim is to inhance station railroad capacity to make the passability of our and our clients' wagons much easier.

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