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Movement Towards Visa-Free Regime with EU Is Slow, Medvedev Said

2019-04-26 (23:03)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he’s frustrated with the slow pace ...


Port of Antwerp Experiences Slight Decline in Freight Volumes

2019-04-28 (22:59)

The port of Antwerp handled 138,905,003 tonnes of freight during the first nine months...


Container Cargo Turnover at Latvian Ports Increased by 23.8% in January-September

2019-03-26 (23:28)

Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


Used 45-foot PW container

Port wide 45-foot container is used for most effective multimodal transportation of goods on pallets. With slightly increased width, within ISO standards, it allows downloading 25% more pallets 1200x800 mm. The amount of transported pallets with standard size 1000x1200 mm, is increased by 8%.

The focus on the maximum use of internal volume of the container makes a 45-foot freight PALLET WIDE container be the most popular for multimodal transportation of various light loads. It does not matter if they are placed on pallets or just occupy significant volume. The maximum internal volume of 45-foot container of type HCPW reaches 88m3.

Application of used 45PW containers

The Company offers to find and buy used 45-foot containers for the clients at a fair price. They can be used for inland transportation by road or railway in a long time. When choosing, consider that almost all 45 foot containers, including wide containers, are with reinforced frame and can be produced with height increased up to 2750 mm or 2896 mm.

It is very profitable to buy 45HC PW for storage cheaply. The buyer receives a mobile and very durable design that can hold up to 34 Euro pallets for storage. If necessary, several similar containers can be set on each other, that will increase the efficiency of use of warehouse space. Convenience of container depots is in their suitability for transportation in the loaded condition.

Conversion of 45HC PW containers

Used 45PW container can be converted into a residential unit, that allows creating multi-storey mobile dormitory for workers at remote sites. Very often they are bought as a basis for making trade pavilions or country houses. Taking into consideration the fact that 45 HC (HQ) PW container has a maximum volume 88 cubic meters, each volume unit costs a little cheaper to the buyer.

The sale of 45-ton PW containers for location of standalone power plants or process equipment is widespread. Large internal volume, the strong frame and the initial adaptation to the transportation by all means of transport, that allows obtaining mobile elements of infrastructure for remote objects on their basis.

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