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Used high and standard 30-foot container

Proftrans company offers to buy a used sea 30-foot container to apply for its intended purposeto car and railway carriers and cargo owners. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase a reliable container for anyland transportation which ensures protection of goods from external influencesat a fair price, depending on the condition of the container. Used 30-foot containers are available in standard and extended height (30HC and 30HQ).

Without taking up extra space in the back or on the railway platform, high container of 30 feet allows carrying a significantly larger amount of goods per trip. The gain ranges from 6-15%, depending on design features. If the land carrier offers 20-foot and 40-foot containers, so increasing hispark with 30-foot containers after sea routes will significantly increase the efficiency of his facilities application.

Sale of used 30-foot containers with increased height is possible to apply not only as a container for transport. Such container can be easily remade into a warehouse, retail outlet or country house. It is important to note that the increased height allows you to insulate the floor and ceiling. With a standard 8-foot size it is necessary to protect every inch of height.

How to choose used high and standard 30-foot container

It is important to choose used 30-foot HC container correctly. Often you can save considerably when buying a 30-foot container with damage elements, which are not to be used. For example, a door is important for the storage or use of the container for its intended purpose. But if you plan to use the containeras a shop, it will still undergo a change.

Choosing a used 30-foot container with increased height (30HC or 30HQ), it is advisable to pay attention to the following details:

  • 1. The absenceof flattening or denting;
  • 2. The integrity of the door seals;
  • 3. The original paint on the interior and exterior surfaces, that is a very important indicator of good quality of the selected instance.

We should not forget that 30-foot container of increased volume has a tremendous amount of strength, because for its production high-quality steel isused. Even after losing most of its strength, it will be much stronger than a hand-welded construction.

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