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2019-04-26 (23:03)

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Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


New and used 20- and 40-foot SIDE DOOR container

Freight SIDE DOOR containers have one or two additional doors along the long side. They got the designation OS (OpenSide) or of similar meaning SD (SideDoor). Despite the higher cost of this type of containers, they are at demand for multimodal transportation.

Functions of SD containers

To rent or buy a container with side doors is necessary for transporting bulky cargo that requires careful fixation during transportation. Access from any side allows you to fix the transportable equipment or goods securely. There is a huge advantage of new and used railway SIDE DOOR containers with a length of 20 or 40 feet if there is a need of fast loading or unloading without removing the platform.

Accurate execution of side doors and their locking mechanisms ensure the integrity and protection of the content during transportation by any means of transport. Manufacturers often acquire unique equipment to deliver products to customers. It is much cheaper than design and manufacture of unique shipping container.

Variants of application of SIDE DOOR containers

To buy new or used sea 20 ft/ton/cube SIDE DOOR container is advantageously for further use in the land transportation. Its design and high quality of metal used in its production, guarantee reliable protection of goods from external influences. But the most important is that it can be loaded or unloaded at least from three sides simultaneously.

Port SIDE DOOR containers may be used as a storage room or a country house. These containers are really appreciated for organization of mobile hotspot cafe. Just open the side door and that is a cafe for a few tables closed from the three sides. This small cafe can be disposed in places of mass events or in recreation areas.

40-foot SIDE DOOR containers can be used for accommodation of a traveling exhibition or campaign office. This container often serves as the basis for creating a mobile power station to provide energy for remote sites or temporary settlements. The service of equipment located in it is easy to carry out through the opening side doors.

New and used 20- and 40-foot SIDE DOOR container | | |
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| // | Port SIDE DOOR containers of 20 and 40 feet have some mobile advantages. It is profitable to apply new and used railway SIDE DOOR containers in inland transportations, for storage and placement of cargo and goods at the terminals and transport grounds. There are a variety of options for new containers with side doors. | to buy a container with side doors, sea 20-foot/ton/cube SIDE DOOR, 40-foot SIDE DOOR container, new and used SIDE DOOR containers, SIDE DOOR freight containers, port side door container