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New 20 HC container

Standard width for sea containers, regardless of length, is considered 2483 mm, which corresponds to 8 feet. But for the rational cargo transportation and use of container volume the need to use containers of different height appeared.

GOST R53350-2009, that duplicates ISO 668:1955, provides releasing of 20-foot containers of different height, that can be marked as:

•1C – standard height of 8 feet (2438 mm);

•1CC – height increased for additional 6 inches (2591 mm);

•1CX – height less than 8 feet (less than 2438 mm).

To buy new sea 20 HIGH CUBE container with a height of more than 2591 mm is possible, but you should remember that it is made with violation of the standards. Nowadays a lot of non-standard containers are circulating all over the world, but they are replacing with uniform sizes gradually.

Peculiarities of using new 20HC container

New metal 20HC container is suitable for multimodal transport operations worldwide; its processing is carried out by standard procedures, and fixing on the deck, railway platform or the car body is not difficult. The manufacture of containers in this country is controlled by Russian Maritime Register of shipping to guarantee their compliance with the standards.

According to the norms of the Register, only certified welders can assemble containers and the quality of the steel for them is controlled by the representatives. All new high 20-ton containers after assembly are subjected to a test load in 192 tons, which allows to stack them in 10 tiers at rated load. Also leakproof and resistance to jets of water under pressure are obligatory.

To learn more about new increased railway 20-foot container is possible with its ISO code, in particular with its second symbol. The first digit 2 means that its length is 20 feet and the second digit at the same time characterizes the height and width (respectively 2438 mm, from 2438 to 2500 mm, more than 2500 mm):

  • 1. For height 2591 mm (8ʹ6ʺ) allowable: 2, C, L;
  • 2. For height 2743 mm (9ʹ) allowable: 4, D, M;
  • 3. For height 2859 mm (9ʹ6ʺ) allowable: 5, E, N;
  • 4. For height more than 2895 mm (>9ʹ6ʺ) allowable: 6, F, P.

All possible combinations are listed with the possibility to purchase new 20HC container from a foreign manufacturer.

New 20 HC container | | |
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тел. +7(495)181 35 95 New 20 HC container
| // | The differences in height and width of new 20-foot HC (HQ) containers produced for sea transportation. To determine the height of new sea 20HC container according to ISO code. | To buy new sea 20HC container, new high 20-ton containers, new metal 20HC container, new increased railway 20-ft container