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2019-04-26 (23:03)

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New 45-foot container

The maximum load capacity of container is not always the most important thing for the shipper in multimodal transportation. Often its volume plays more important role. The Company offers to buy a new high container of 45 feet with substantially increased internal volume.

Advantages of high 45-foot container

  • • It allows you to transport longer items due to the increased 1.5 meter length;
  • • Allows downloading high equipment;
  • • Has volume 10 cubes more than 40HC.

New increased 45-ton containers are effective for transportation of bulk cargo. During one trip it is possible to transport almost 30% more light goods than in standard 40DC container. It is very advantageous for transporting a variety of electronics, clothing, fabrics.

Despite the fact that the basic and the most common sizes of sea and railway containers are 40 and 20 feet, port 45-foot containers of new type is used increasingly by logistics companies. It is very important that the ports and railway terminals already have all the necessary equipment for their handling.

Why it is profitable to buy a 45-foot container

Significant benefit is obtained in rates that in most cases match or slightly exceed the cost of a sea 40-foot container. Noting internal volume increased by one third, the economic efficiency of their use will significantly increase. New sea 45-foot containers are available in all container sites of the Company. On customer's request they can be delivered to any address in Russia.

Containers with length 45 feet can significantly increase the range of products carried in freight containers. The increased volume not only allows you to carry more goods, but also creates conditions for more rational deployment and fixation. This is the maximum length of container allowed by ISO, assuring easy handling in transport terminals all over the world.

Choosing an increased 45-foot container for transportation, be aware that its load capacity is not increased and corresponds to this index of 40HC container. All other indicators like density, stability of anti-corrosion coatings, and suitability for moving across the borders of different countries meet the general requirements. The container can be transferred to any type of water or land transport, and delivered within the service "from door to door".

New 45-foot container | | |
ул. Дербеневская набережная 13 0 Россия, Москва
тел. +7(495)181 35 95 New 45-foot container
| // | To buy a new high container of 45 feet it is no need to go to the port or container terminal. It is enough to contact Proftrans Company and port 45-foot containers of new type can be delivered to the address on request. The greatest economic efficiency can be obtained using a new 45-foot container for transportation of bulk cargo by all means of transport. | to buy a new high container of 45 feet, new sea 45-foot containers, new increased 45-ton containers, containers 45 feet long, port 45-foot containers of new type