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New 45-foot PW container

The vast majority of goods in the inland transportation is transported on pallets 1200x800 mm or 1200x1000 mm. This is due to the need to minimize the time for loading and unloading and to provide convenient storage of goods in warehouses. Having the standard width, new sea 45-foot container does not allow using floor space with pallets effectively.

For the most efficient use of the internal volume of the container in transportation of goods on pallets, linear containers of 45 feet were developed and implemented; they have increased width, which was designated as PW (PALLET WIDE). They are intended for the carriage of any cargo placed on pallets.

Advantages of application of wide 45-foot containers

The price of a new 45 HC container that is optimized for placement of goods on pallets, differs slightly from the value of DC containers of the same length. But extra 100 mm of internal width allows downloading standard pallets up to 8% larger, or a quarter more pallets of the European model:

  • • 45DC holds 24 standard pallets 1000x120 mm or 27 Euro pallets 1200x800mm;
  • • 45PW holds 26 standard pallets or 33 Euro pallets.
  • • There is a loading scheme developed, in which metal wide containers of 45 feet become even more effective. The first and last rows of pallets are mounted across and contain not three, but two pallets. This option allows downloading 34 Euro pallets.

Most wide 45-foot containers are produced with increased height to 2750 mm or 2896 mm to use maximum of internal volume. This allows you to extend the range of carried cargoes at the expense of products with increased dimensions. The cost of a new 45-foot PALLET WIDE container is higher than the containers with standard width, but using it more efficiently.

Peculiarities of working with wide containers

Despite widespread of 45-foot containers type of PW or HCPW (HQPW), you may experience some difficulties when using them. You need to confirm the possibility to download the ship with new transport PW container beforehand, as most carriers are trying to group them together for joint dispatch. This can cause undesirable delay of cargo at the terminal.

New 45-foot PW container | | |
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тел. +7(495)181 35 95 New 45-foot PW container
| // | For carriage of goods by sea, road or railway linear containers of 45 feet are used. The price of a new 45 HC container with increased width exceeds the cost of a standard container slightly only, but the maximum number of pallets held in wide metal container of 45 feet, grows. It is the comfortable solution by increasing the volume of the container. | the cost of a new 45-foot PALLET WIDE container, new sea 45ft container, the price of a new 45HC container, wide linear container of 45ft, metal container of 45 feet, new transport PW container