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New 10-foot containers

10-foot container is a little bit larger than 5-ton container used in previous times in Russia in railway transportation, but it differs from 5-ton container significantly with more hardness, resistance to external influences and full integrity. It is important that the capacity of 10-foot container is twice bigger (more than ten tons) with an internal volume of about 16 m3.

In fact, it is a half of 20-foot container. Every new railway and sea 10-foot container comes from the manufacturer double welded with another, so you can use them together or separately. The structure reminds Double Door container of 20 feet with external features.

The need for such models is dictated by the inappropriateness of application of the full-sized containers for small consignments transportation. Doubled 10-foot containers allow using them for sending two consignments to the same region by sea. It is often more preferable than forming of general cargo for transportation in 20 or 40-foot containers.

Advantages of cargo transportation in 10-foot containers

  • • More efficient use of space during transportation of small consignments;
  • • Easy to install on most trucks
  • • Unlike a 5-ton container it is sealed, that eliminates the damage from dust or moisture;
  • • Can be moved by a forklift, which is important if there is no crane equipment.

Despite the convenience of goods carriage, sale of new 10-ton containers for storage is also widespread. The user receives the following benefits:

  • • The minimum time for warehouse construction;
  • • Tightness;
  • • Resistance to external influences without additional processing;
  • • The possibility to put several containers on each other;
  • • Reliable locking mechanism;
  • • The possibility to use allocated area more efficiently.

Buying new doubled 10-foot containers for storage, the buyer has the opportunity to save on the cost of their separation.

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