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Movement Towards Visa-Free Regime with EU Is Slow, Medvedev Said

2019-04-26 (23:03)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he’s frustrated with the slow pace ...


Port of Antwerp Experiences Slight Decline in Freight Volumes

2019-04-28 (22:59)

The port of Antwerp handled 138,905,003 tonnes of freight during the first nine months...


Container Cargo Turnover at Latvian Ports Increased by 23.8% in January-September

2019-03-26 (23:28)

Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


Assorted lading registration.

An assorted lading are goods addressed to few different assignees and packed for the convenience of the transportation in a one container. The prices for transportation of the goods packed in such a way are lower, since the payment is taken for the goods' space in the container but not for the whole container space.

The difficulty of registering such loads consist in the necessity to register every single goods in the multigoods container before the whole tank can go out of customs. For doing this it needs to supply a declaration for every item in the container. There's a list of documents that should be supplied with the declaration:

- payment documents;

- the copies of licenses and certificates if they are required during the customs clearance;

- transportation documents;

- shipping documentation;

- passport of a deal;

- contract of sale;

- the list of supplied documentation.

For saving time and money it would be a good idea to use the customs broker services. Profetrans makes this work with a high quality and for a low amount of time. After the registration we can also send your goods to any place of the world depending on your choice.

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