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Movement Towards Visa-Free Regime with EU Is Slow, Medvedev Said

2019-04-26 (23:03)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he’s frustrated with the slow pace ...


Port of Antwerp Experiences Slight Decline in Freight Volumes

2019-04-28 (22:59)

The port of Antwerp handled 138,905,003 tonnes of freight during the first nine months...


Container Cargo Turnover at Latvian Ports Increased by 23.8% in January-September

2019-03-26 (23:28)

Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


Sea, railroad or universal containers


        Sea, railroad or universal containers are of a highest level of convenience in transportations because they perfectly suit for a load to be shipped by few different means of transportation.

        Universal containers are good for long-distance transportations because it is enough to upload such a container once and transport goods for all the delivery distance without the necessity to unload them between few transportation phases. Container can be unloaded only when it finishes its way to the consignee.It decreases the total price of transportation and increases its speed since there is no need to spend time on reloading.

        The additional advantage of closed containers is a high level of loads security. Loads are well protected from external influences, stealing and damages so their safety level is much higher.

        Containers can be of different sizes and types. For the transportation of small loads 20-feet container suits best. For bulk and huge loads 40-feet container will be more convenient. There are also refrigerated containers for transportation of perishable loads, open-top containers, containers without top part suitable for transporting bulk and closed tanks for transporting different liquids.

        In Profetrans you can order any of that types for your choice.

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