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Movement Towards Visa-Free Regime with EU Is Slow, Medvedev Said

2019-04-26 (23:03)

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said he’s frustrated with the slow pace ...


Port of Antwerp Experiences Slight Decline in Freight Volumes

2019-04-28 (22:59)

The port of Antwerp handled 138,905,003 tonnes of freight during the first nine months...


Container Cargo Turnover at Latvian Ports Increased by 23.8% in January-September

2019-03-26 (23:28)

Container cargo turnover at Latvian ports grew by 23.8% in the fir...


        Work with suppliers.


        The way to success for the starting business company or an individual is thorny and unstable. It can be compared with a narrow mountain path that is constantly checking the steadfastness of a wayfarer by many dangers that are hidden from his passing glance. For a successful subjugation of a mountain peak you should pay an exceeding attention to all the small things on your way.

        When working with the suppliers of raw material and goods it needs to be as attentive as you should be during a mountain conquest. Careful accounting of every small thing can considerably increase the probability of an entrepreneurship success and decrease the number of related risks.

        Profetrans organizes work with raw material and goods suppliers considering a wide range of factors that influence the quality and the price of the supplied goods:


        - Reliability of a supplier.


        Before the final choice of the supplier we analyze its reliability. We identify the time of its market presence, look through the testaments for its production and then analyze all the received data to distinguish the level of supplier's reliability.


        - Quality of products.


        Choosing a supplier we test its production on the correspondence to the required level of quality. If the quality of the suppleir's goods corresponds to the buyer's demands this supplier is put into the list of possible supply candidates.


        - Price.


        Highly important is the price of a supplied product. To find out the best prices available we analyze the possibility of wholesale purchase economy, a possibility of supply on special terms and so on. If the supplier meets the price requirements it is placed in a list of suitable business partners.


        After forming of the candidate list Profetrans chooses the more suitable supplier according to the buyer's demands.

        Profetrans will be your reliable guide in the conquest of business success heights.

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