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        Agreeing of dispatch


        In international transportation of loads their dispatch should be agreed between the transport departments of the countries, which territory is going to be used for load carriage. Making an agreement can take about two weeks so it's better to apply to a transportation company beforehand to save time on the delivery.

        Agreeing the international railroad dispatch of loads will require:


        1. Code and date of delivery.

        2. The name of the transportation company that pays railway taxes.

        3. Transportation route.

        4. Load's name, its position in Harmonized Nomenclature of Cargoes and quantity or volumes of loads.

        5. Minimum rate of wagon uploading (for wagon deliveries)

        6. Levels of danger and bulk, the kind of package and so on.

        7. Type of a container and its origin.

        8. Size of a whole through tariff with the indication of tariff parts for every railroad which is planned to be used for delivery.

        9. Signature of a responsible official and his or her job position.

        10. In case of using telephone messages the data on the recipient and the sender including their telephone numbers are indicated.


        You don't have to learn all the formalities of the dispatch matching. Call to Profetrans and we will do this work for you!

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